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Introducing our team of doctors

Plastic surgeons

Our clinics have a team of top plastic surgeons with extensive experience in their field. It is these doctors who every day help our clients gain healthy self-confidence and become happier with their own bodies. From the initial consultation and through the procedure, to the recovery and follow-up visits at the clinic, you can rely on their maximum commitment, individual approach, discretion, and empathy. Whether you decide to undergo plastic surgery on your breasts, abdomen, nose or face, you can be sure that each of them will do a first-class job and do the maximum to ensure your satisfaction with the result.

Corrective dermatologists

The team of plastic surgeons at our clinics is perfectly complemented by equally experienced corrective dermatologists, renowned for their kind approach to all clients. They too have years of experience in their field and thousands of satisfied women and men who entrust themselves into their care and keep wanting to return. Of course, our corrective dermatologists continue to educate themselves on domestic and foreign internships, by attending conferences, and following the news and trends in their field – in which they clearly belong at the top. They are in daily contact with the above-mentioned plastic surgeons at all our clinics and work closely with them.